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Quick Facts

The C-BERT database has a total of 229 IBCs in operation.

Twenty-two new IBCs are planning to open. Twenty-seven IBCs are known to have closed.

There are a total of 32 exporting countries.

The largest exporters of branch campuses are (in order of institutions with branches): United States (50), United Kingdom (27), Russia (13), Australia (11) and France (7).

The largest exporters of branch campuses are (in order of branches): United States (81), United Kingdom (36), Russia (20), France (16), and Australia (15).

There are a total of 73 importing countries.

The largest importers of branch campus are (in order of campus imported): United Arab Emirates (32), China (28), Singapore (13), Qatar (11), and Malaysia (9).

Note: Our numbers for China do not include Hong Kong SAR because it has a different regulatory system than Mainland China.

(Updated August 13, 2015)




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